Ladies and gentlemen be obsequious follower of fashion.

John Zakko Mary is a model with a vintage fashion company here in Jos, Plateau State of Nigeria.
   Apart from modeling for Vintage,  model for other fashion designers


French saying “Les dents du bonheur” meaning “Lucky teeth or tooth happiness”

Free happiness 😊😊😊😊😊

Back in those days, women with gap teeth are unattractive but now, the narrative has changed.

Gap teeth have been looked at as the essence of beauty in some societies, a sign of sexual appetite, and a mark of God’s favour.

In some African culture, it is generally believed that if you have gap teeth, you will be rich in the future. Wowu…….this is a blessing in disguise 😊.

In Yoruba culture, it is called “Γ¨gin eji” and anyone with it is considered a fortunate child.

Diastema smiles are contagious and referred to as “Lucky Charm” which is true, the dean of my faculty is a no-nonsense woman, but e shock me as I went to her office to submit a group assignment with a little bit of a smile to calm my nerves but it turns out to be a favour, her reply was “don’t bribe me with this your sweet smiles”. I was like, wow, she is smiling back at me, (soliloquizing).

Then coupled with a dimple. This is what we refer to as heaven on earth beauty.

People without dimples refer to those with a gelasin grin as lucky. We all want what we can’t have, right? dimples are considered a symbol of good luck in other parts of the world.

Having gap teeth with dimples gives you that boldness and confidence to break the four corners of the world with your dashing and contagious smiles full of admiration πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

for example, in China, dimples have long been associated with everything from goodwill to attractiveness. “And it has come to be accepted that a dimpled wife brings happiness and good luck to the family,” a 1962 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery article read.

Dimples have been associated with “a beautiful smiling face,”

In the 2007 study, researchers revealed that “the dimple can make (Asian women) more confident.”

Naturally, this poses a challenge for women who do not possess the genetic abnormalities

Let’s appreciate God for the double blessings, accept your beauty in the defect.



An African woman, an ideal woman, her pride, her confidence, her crown, her boldness and her beauty is her hair.

History holds it that her hair is her identity but it has witnessed the transformation from just being an identity to which evokes pride in its mass texture. Like a Gbagyi woman, who uses her shoulder as a load carrier.

Fashion enthusiasts in the Plateau have adopted it immensely as a fashion fad, both old, young and children.

The ladies in Jos has seen the need to resorting to a feel of nature, creating appealing art through their hair.

According to Maureen John a hairstylist, she said, the trend of natural and its beauty now make the ladies sort for styles that suit the nature of natural hair styling which gives a self-satisfaction of a job Weldon 😊. The hair needs money to be well maintained because her hair neatness says a lot of her.

Genevieve Chiamaka, being a beautician, ladies patronage to plait their hair is awesome. I styled natural hair. The beauty of a woman lies in hair neatness. Once a lady’s hair is neatly plait, she doesn’t need makeup to give her that authoritative look😍

She is bold, confident and powerful in her hair. Men admire a woman beauty from her hair to know how neat and clean she is.

Ladies in Jos believes that their hair makes a bold fashion statement.

Her hair is a symbol of royalty in which to be regaled in honour and pride, an identity that is not foisted but is to be embraced.

You can’t slay without your hair being styled to give you that glamorous, fabulous and spontaneous look. Therefore the Jos girl finds it interesting to patronise all agency that gives her power as a woman 😊😊.

Her hair is her definition.


We exist in a world of interdependent, no one can exist alone devoid of another.

As diverse as we are, so is our ability.
No one has it all, and no one can claim a monopoly in all aspects of human endeavours.

Hence a need to give a helping hand to those around us, as this will give birth to a sane society where everyone will have a sense of belonging. Service to humanity belongs to all of us.

Project Impact, believe in putting smiles on the faces of the less privileged in society.

Our goals are:

  1. Meeting the healthcare need of the less privileged.
  2. Contributing to the enhancement of education of the less privileged/poor in our rural areas.
  3. Skill acquisition/ empowerment.

Project Impact is a non-profit organization, that bring youths from all works of life, with different skills and knowledge, professionals from different field of study, coming together to solve critical issues bedevilling our society today.

We move around all the 17 local government area of Plateau state and beyond.

Our doors are open for partnership, and collaborations.
Remember helping others and giving hope to the hopeless is a noble task.
Don’t be left out.

Our upcoming program/event is coming up as follows:
29th-April-2021 (Award of academic excellence to secondary Schools students).

30th-April-2021, ( Free Medical Outreach).

Primary healthcare Amper district, Kanke local government area.

9:00 am

For enquiry and partnership, you can reach us on 08144502888


Picture from REUSIE couture

The two pictures are from Adelakiel, shop number 27 at Nenrot Plaza, adjacent Solomon Lar Amusement Park, Domkat Bali Road, Jos.

Fashion Designer is a professional tailor who sketches her design on a paper before designing it for its customers.

Tailors now assume the position of fashion designers because they all use the tailoring machine to sew clothes forgetting that is not every design that they can sew.

With the advent of fashion trend in Plateau state, there is a countless number trusted fashion designers that are ready to change the fashion narrative in the Plateau.

The weather is cold but the ladies want to slay and still prevent the cold from penetrating into the body too.

Clothes are an essential part of who you are, asides the fact that you need them to be part of civilized society. Whether corporate, traditional, uniforms, bridal or casual clothing, sometimes you may need a professional to tailor-make these clothes according to your taste.

In a bid to support local fashion designers, back in 2017, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and Award-winning author, launched a β€œWear Nigerian Campaign,” where she decided to dress in Nigerian brands in all her public appearances. The motive of her campaign was to sensitize and encourage people to buy from both upcoming, as well as established designers in order to boost local trade and manufacturing.

Plateau state has become fashion inclined and now see a need in patronizing fashion designers to dress them in fabulous attires to slay. In Plateau state, fashion designers are now taking the place of music in the mind of the youth, out of hundred, forty per centare now into fashion designing instead of music. Despite the for its cold weather, it does not hinder them from being intrigue in fashion and as such has become fashion mongers due to trends and elegance.

The people are reawakening day by day. No man is ready to marry or date a lady without fashion sense, they will say “this is a new era where civilisation has come to stay and you are still in the olding day’s trend, so please step up in your dress sense”. Toh, if you no wan your man go meet another girl, sisters gash baft up, change your dress sense to retain your relationship and also to keep your husband to yourself and not let all these small small girls snatch them away from you oooh😊, the men should also release money for them too because you cant like a good thing and refuse to spend on it.

Shey, you no sai beta soup na money kill am oooh, so learn to release money especially Jos men oooh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, don’t be stingy and expect her to look sexy for you.

If you like her looking good then spend on her, ladies look fabulous for him ko.


Plateau state, the Home of Peace and Tourism; full of cultural diversity, blessed with natural resources, the land full of hospitality and great cultural heritage, with beautiful people.

The state has seventeen (17) local government. Looking at the people of Ngas land, they are unique people with beautiful cultural heritage.

The Ngas, or Angas, is an Afro-Asiatic language spoken in Plateau State, Nigeria. Dialects are Hill Angas and Plain Angas. Ngas people are found mainly in two local government of the state which is Pankshin and kanke. As we all know that every tribe has its own unique cultural attire so is the Ngas people

Interestingly, the minds of people have been reawakened to see the unique beauty of using cultural attires to re-invent in the fashion industry. The Ngas men and women now embrace this new invention to be fashion mongers.

With the shift in the fashion world, wears made with cultural materials are now perceived to be fashionable unlike in the past when they are less patronised because of our penchant for English wears.

Many now patronise the Ngas cultural attire because of the brightness and beauty. The Ngas attire is now used to create modern and more appealing styles like suits and other fashionable pieces like caps and shoes.

Many who had no liking for clothes made with traditional or African materials because it makes them look like Ngo, kaka (an old woman) are beginning to shift grounds considering the unique way these cultural materials are now being fashioned into stylish pieces.

Also, people are becoming culture conscious and so are happy to identify with and embrace fashion depicting their cultural heritage.

God bless the Ngas Nation in the world.😊😊😊😊


A beautician is a trained professional that uses a range of cosmetology to provide hair, nail, makeup, or skincare services to their clients, some beauticians choose to offer a wide selection of services to clients, ultimately playing an important role in enhancing a client’s appearance, offering guidance and professional services and treatments to boost their confidence and make them feel their best.

How does a beautician look?

Well, our guest today is an example of how they look. She is a barrister but has a passion for making herself look gorgeous and making others too, look astonishingly beautiful and as such, she decided to branch and say hello to the Beauty World😊😊.

Many people may say why does she have to leave her court to become a beautician but one thing is certain that passion is the key to the attainment of what we believe in and would love to do. The fashion industry is incomplete without beautician. Better soup na money kill am, so to be a fashionista and model, there is a need to seek for a beautician.

Genevieve Chiamaka Ubaneche, a wife, mother and also a legal practitioner, before her journey into the beauty world, while she was in the court practising her career, she discovers that almost all her earnings were spent on makeup products, she then decided to follow what she was really passionate about which was makeup.Β  Although the makeup business was saturated, she knew that she was passionate about beauty and looking good.
She knew from the onset that the sky was just her starting point. She has always wanted to own a salon. She thinks that most girls have same dreams with her but the packaging was going to make a difference. In as much as a lot of young ladies, and some men as saturating the makeup industry, “I knew that the sky is big enough for everyone to fly if only we never give up and put in our best”.Β  You know the beauty business is not what it use to be those days, this day, a lot of people wants to look good because looking good is actually good business.
Every woman this day wants to look their best and will not mind spending to look good. Apart from getting awards and recognition, she has mentored a lot of young girls.Β  It is a thing to be good and another to be blessed.Β  For her, it is a blessing to be able to relate to the next generation builders and show them the proper direction they need.
She feels 24hrs isn’t enough for her to show the world how talented she is, and affecting lives but she keep telling her self no matter what, keep pushing.
Here are some of her work.What is really the difference between a makeup artist and a beautician? 😊😊😊


Nature is a blessing from God to mankind to embrace, Plateau is blessed with natural resources, eye captivity tourist centres for man to refresh its mind.                                  

Where would you like to visit when you come to Jos?

Kura Falls is one of the exciting and mind-blowing places to visit. Kura Falls is an area some 77 kilometres southeast of Jos town. It is the location of the state’s first hydroelectric power station (NESCO).

Plateau state is known as the home of peace and tourism. Although the tourism sector is not thriving as much as it should due to meagre allocation and total negligence by the state government, it’s natural endowments are still very attractive and an attraction to tourist within and outside the state.

Kura Falls is one among so many tourist attractions across the state that is waiting to be tapped by the state government.

It is a beautiful and attractive area of rocks, hills, and lakes ideal for boating, camping, and rock climbing. It is a camera smiling environment with good tourist accommodation available.

If plateau state can harness the untapped potentials of Kura falls, it will among others, meet the energy demand of the state by providing or supplementing quality and uninterrupted power supply to the state, which will drive the economy of the state and increase the growth of both small scale businesses (SME’S) and also the manufacturing sector of the economy. This will attract investors both within and outside Nigeria and this will have a positive impact on the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of the state.

The tourism potentials of the area, have the potential to attract tourist both within and outside Nigeria, this will place plateau state on the global map of tourism destination of the world and also showcase the good and hospitable image of the people of the state and their amazing diverse culture aside from the economic implication to the state, as it will bring in both foreign and domestic investors to invest in the state.


Today, I try something different.

Talking about makeup in the fashion industry in the Plateau.

You will all agree with me that makeup is an ART? Why? How?

It is an ART because it involved artistic work. Makeup artists are like painters that mix paint to create something new and amazing. While a makeup artist mix powder and the rest to also create a new look, gorgeous, and fantabulous look for customers. The similarity is the fact that faces are made up of lines, as such they create lines using a dark colour, and blending. They also use stark, hard lines to create stopping points for the eye, and for the definition of the face in contouring, eyeliner and lip liner. Some people are of the notion that makeup is the use of cosmetics as a vain attempt to change who you are and what you were born with but here is this question, we are in an era of civilization,


Like an OAP would say, “I can’t go on air without the application of makeup which gives me confidence and boldness”.

Looking at the Fashion industry, can it survive without makeup artists being part of it?, NO.

Fashion shows can’t be completely glamourous without makeup, Fashion is all about beauty and expression and it will be silly without any makeup, it provides an extra step to look, complete an idea, and reaffirm what is being said fashion. While the central point of fashion shows are clothing and accessories, it is worth taking a moment to take in the entire look as it has been conceived, the makeup, the special effects, the technique used, and the hairstyling. We wear makeup in our day to day life because of the choice of our clothes, as such, we wear makeup that matches with our clothes.

Plateau state is known to be a state that the ladies were not fashionable inclined, dressing in cardigans but now as time changes, the inhabitants embraced the trend of fashion and is ready to compete with any in term of fashion and makeup. There are numerous professional makeup artists in the state to change the narrative of fashion in the state.

A look at the GenevieveBeautyPalace is one that has changed the narrative of makeup in Plateau state and so many others giving a different kind of services. A creative soul can’t be kept still for a very long time because it is inbuilt. The inherent need to create cannot be overlooked and underrated.

What is what doing, is what doing well? Makeup artists are creative wizards πŸ₯°, crazy, passionate, loving and full of life.

With our clothes in our mind, there has been an establishment of fashion and makeup. JosGirls are not smiling ooo, no matter the weather of the state, they are ready to slay with new trends. Their myopia way of dressing has been metamorphosing into hyperbole. 😊😊😊😊😊😊

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